First Course

the first course of online lessons
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Master of Coin Magic

It is suitable for the beginners.

At the end of the first course, you will receive a diploma of the “Master of Coin Magic” signed by me.

You will be able to perform in your show not only some of the effects and routines contained in my book and on my DVDs, but also the sleights I’ve never published.                 

You will learn the basic position and handling of a coin: “Open Position” and “Closed Position”, the main classic techniques chosen for the “System of Giacomo Bertini” with my theory of the micro-misdirection,  from the Classic Palm to the classic Retention Vanish of Dai Vernon.

Description of course

Here are some examples of the routines you will be able to perform at the end of the first course.

By the way, you’re the best teacher I’ve had. No way I could learn this stuff on my own, especially this fast.

Jim Taylor (Beginner Student)U.S.A.

Giacomo is a true Maestro!

I am 16 years old and live in Siena (Italy), and in this period of lock-down, I finished his basic online course, and I started the advanced online lesson. but I can say that I have already reached a high coin magic approach. Giacomo is a true Maestro, who manages to transmit you all the secrets of his magic.

-Matteo Galasso, Italy

He has personal techniques that are so innovative and practically useful

If I tell you that, due to age and the wear and tear of cartilages and traumas accumulated by the right hand, I had to operate only with the left, while after having studied Bertini’s method I can do the classic palm with the right (think that I’m not left-handed, I had to learn everything the other way round) with his particular way… I mean, do you know what that means? Classic palm with both hands, one of the most used and deceptive palms ever… that Bertini always integrates with Malini Subtlety.

-Paolo Vitullo, Italy

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m glad to be your first teacher of coin magic. I prefer my student to take my first course, because in this way, I can set up my teaching better. After this course, you can move on to the second and third courses.

Each lesson lasts for 2 hours, and there are 10 lessons in this course. 

At the moment, I don’t organize the group lessons. 

You will need a small table, 4 coins in the same kind (preferably 4 American half dollars), a mat and a webcam.

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