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The original Close-Up Magic Symposium 2023 in Vienna


New to Coin Magic?
You can start to learn from the basic techniques with me to get to the higher level.

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You have some experiences with coin magic, and know the basics, but want to learn more? You will learn my original system!

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You are quite good at the coin magic, but want to be a specialist? I'm happy to share with you all the secrets of coin magic!

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My Participation to “Penn & Teller: FOOL US”

Practice by Yourself

I'm happy to show the techniques, and explain in details so that you can practice them by yourself. Let's subscribe, and you will get e-mail newsletter every time I upload new video!

Coin Magic

In coin magic, the most important thing is taking away every bit of attention from the hands, giving every movement the less weight possible, concentrating on believing that what should be impossible is really happening. A coin incredibly disappears or appears from nowhere. Or with a simple “click”, a coin multiplies while everybody is keeping the breath.

That’s coin magic. All eyes are fixed on what’s happening, without understanding how. And that’s what I dedicated my magic studies to. Trying  to create a system of sleights  based on a totally new approach.

Now,  all my work has been collected in a book. You will find my coin magic system presented in classic and new routines with a totally new look!


Online Lessons

I do believe that for a magician the most important thing, besides growing artistically to improve himself, is the teaching of his art. And if there is no teaching, there is not even the advancement of art.
Thanks to the progress of internet, I am finally available for private ONLINE LESSONS from my home, for individuals or small groups of people, with a lot of unpublished materials. The lessons are carried out professionally on ZOOM, online and live with webcams on different angles, for perfect, easy and complete learning. Furthermore, you will then have the video recording of your personal online lesson, recorded live with me, with my proven method that no dvd or other video can offer you.

Email me for the details of the private lessons

What they say about my courses

Thanks to the Zoom, I have my students from all over the world. You can take my lessons in the comfort of your own home.

Dane Certificate
Giacomo is a genius!

"Giacomo is helping me to understand the true details of coin magic, and it’s an honour to be his student. I look forward to our lesson each week; to have the opportunity to have a one to one online lesson with the creator of an ingenious system of amazement is priceless.”

Dane CertificateAustralia
Paolo Vitullo
He has personal techniques that are so innovative and practically useful

If I tell you that, due to age and the wear and tear of cartilages and traumas accumulated by the right hand, I had to operate only with the left, while after having studied Bertini's method I can do the classic palm with the right (think that I'm not left-handed, I had to learn everything the other way round) with his particular way... I mean, do you know what that means? Classic palm with both hands, one of the most used and deceptive palms ever... that Bertini always integrates with Malini Subtly.

Paolo VitulloItaly
Alejandro Ruiz
Bertini's system is the most comprehensive and effective magic course

Alejandro RuizDominican Republic
Matteo Galasso
Giacomo is a true Maestro!

"I am 16 years old and I live in Siena (Italy), and in this period of lock-down I finished his basic online course, and I started the advanced online course. But I can say that I have already reached a high coinmagic approach. Giacomo is a true Maestro, who manages to transmit you all the secrets of his magic.

Matteo GalassoItaly
Damian Schillaci
Innovative, deceptive, and truly magical!

" My online lessons with Giacomo have improved my coin magic more than I thought possible. Giacomo's system is innovative, very deceptive, and truly magical. Giacomo is a master of the art that we all love, and what better way to study, than with the master. If you like coin magic, you can do no better than to study with the wonderful Giacomo! "

Damian SchillaciUSA
Antonio Terranova
Giacomo Bertini is a master who teaches techniques that are useful for a mentalist

Antonio TerranovaItaly

Private Lessons by Florentine Maestro of Coin Magic

system for amazement
Discover the revolutionary system of Giacomo Bertini

System For Amazement written by Stephen Minch

  • Giacomo's theory of "micro-misdirection"
  • Dozens of Giacomo's original sleights
  • Many tricks and routines
  • 477 photographs

Workshop (Individual/Group)

Do you want to study the coin magic, but you don't have enough time to complete a course? Are you already good at the coin magic or even a professional magician, but at the same time, interested in one of my routines? I organize the mini courses according to each person's needs, individually as well as in groups.
Here are some examples of the workshop with my routines, but there are more. Please don't hesitate to contact me for further information!

florentine assembly

It is named after my origin, Florence, as it is my version of "The Coin Assembly".
Three lessons (2 hours each) are required, and I explain all details of the routine.

only a place to hide

My version of the "Cylinder and Coins". It's not easy, but the sequence of magical effects is worth the effort.
Three lessons (2 hours each) are required, and I explain the details of the routine.

retention pass

The routine is called "Here, Gone and Back Again", and I use my original style of the Retention Vanish. The sequence of fluid movement will fool the audience.
Two lessons (2 hours each) are required, and I explain the details of the routine.

black hole

4 coins appear from the black hole, one by one, and disappear into the hole.
Three lessons (2 hours each) are required, and I explain the details of the routine.

The best and original contemporary magicians!

Download the performances and explanations of the great magicians

  • European Close-Up Magic Symposium Video
  • European Coin Magic Symposium Video
  • Performance, Tutorial Videos and more

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lessons are there in a course?

There are 10 lessons in each course. At the end of the course, you can decide whether you take the next level course or not.

What items do I prepare to start a course?

You will need a small table, 4 coins in the same kind (preferably 4 American half dollars), a mat and a webcam.

How long does a lesson last? What time does it start?

A lesson lasts for 2 hours.
Before starting the course, we will decide together when and what time we will have a lesson.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, at the end of each course, you will receive the certificate signed by me.

Are the lessons in private or in group?

I do both in private and in group lessons.

Do you do the workshop or the lecture?

I'm happy to do the workshop or/and the lecture both online and live. Please send me an e-mail.