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The past magic symposiums: competitions

This year, the symposium will be on by-invitation-only basis for the first time. But, don’t worry! There will be a possibility to participate the symposium for those who don’t have an invitation. By entering the competition, you will be able to participate all programs of 3 days symposium. Just contact us!

Here is the list of the past symposiums’ winners. The president of the original Close-Up Magic Symposium 2023, Bill Cheung, won the 2nd prize in 2014 at our symposium. Then, as you know, he became the world champion of the card magic at FISM in 2018! If you believe you are the next Bill Cheung, why not enter this year’s competition?


The Winners

European Coin Magic Symposium 2010: Hidekatsu Kimoto

European Coin Magic Symposium 2011: Tony Polli

European Close-Up Magic Symposium 2012: Yuri Kaine

European Close-Up Magic Symposium 2013: Rune Carlsen

European Close-Up Magic Symposium 2014: Hugo Maxilano

European Close-Up Magic Symposium 2018: Francesco Fontanelli

To enter the competition of this year: https://www.closeupmagicsymposium.com/competition2023

For more details about the Original Close-Up Magic Symposium 2023, please visit our official website: https://www.closeupmagicsymposium.com/