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New free tutorial “Bend in Hand”

Sorry that I took more time than usual to publish this new tutorial “Bend in Hand”. I’m inventing a new trick now, and I didn’t have much time to finish this video. I hope to show you my new coin magic trick shortly.

I use the same bent coin of the last tutorial for this one. Also this time, I performed in front of the person I met in the center of my city, Florence, and you can see the reaction of the audience. It’s not as easy as the “Hot Coffee” routine, but I’m sure you will do it with a little bit of practice. Enjoy!

bend in hand
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Coming soon “Bend in Hand”

Next tutorial is called “Bend in Hand”, and I use the same bent coin that I used for my last tutorial “Hot Coffee”. So, you will have at least two short routines using the same bent coin. As the last one, I performed it live in Florence. It’s always fun to show my magic to the people!

Now, I’m working on editing it, and I swear I won’t make you wait a lot.

hot coffee
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Coming soon “Hot Coffee”

Most of you might have watched my last tutorial “Matrix 2” on YouTube, and you know what comes next. Yes, the next tutorial is called “Hot Coffee”, and for the first time on YouTube, I go out from my magic corner to shoot the video, to show you the reaction of the people. It’s suitable also for the beginners. So, don’t miss it!

Matrix 2
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New Free Tutorial “Matrix 2”

After my last tutorial, the “Matrix”, I’m happy to show you the “Matrix 2” which is the another version using always my techniques. Compared to the previous one, it is easier, and suitable for all level of magicians. If you are a beginner, please don’t be afraid and try it. Then, please let me know if you like it!

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New Free Tutorial “Matrix”

I hope I have not made you wait a lot for a new tutorial.

Today I show you one of the most famous coin move “Matrix”, but with my techniques. It is the short version, and if you liked it, you can learn also my “Color Matrix” which is longer, and it is great for a live show. You can find it in my book “System For Amazement”. Of course, you can learn it directly from me in my online lessons.

spellbound 2

New Free Tutorial “Spellbound 2”

A Happy New Year!

Finally, I uploaded my new tutorial video “Spellbound 2” on Youtube!

Enjoy it!