Third Course

the third course of online lessons
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The Best of Coin Magic

It is suitable for those who have finished the first and the second courses, and who have enough experience with the coin magic. At the end of the third course, you will receive a diploma of the “System For Amazement” signed by me.

When you will accomplish the third course, you will not have any secrets in coin magic!

You will be able to perform in your show not only any effect and routine contained in my book and on my DVDs, but also all the sleights I’ve never published.

Description of the course

In the third course, everything is customized for the student, and it’s not possible to give the precise description. This course is reserved for who really wish to become a “maestro”, and want to learn not only to perform with Giacomo’s routines, but to built their own routines. You will be able to perform professionally, and more, you will be a true coin magic artist!


Giacomo is a genius!

Giacomo is helping me understand the true details of coin magic and it’s an honour to be his student. I look forward to our lesson each week; to have the opportunity to have a one to one online lesson with the creator of an ingenious system of amazement is priceless.
- Dane Certificate, Australia

Giacomo's system is innovative!

My online lessons with Giacomo have improved my coin magic more than I thought possible. Giacomo’s system is innovative, very deceptive, and truly magical. Giacomo is a master of the art that we all love, and what better way to study, than with the master. If you like coin magic, you can do no better than to study with the wonderful Giacomo!

- Damian Schillaci, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

I always recommend to start from the First Course as there are a lot of my original techniques. Before starting the course, I always interview the student to determine together the appropriate level.

Each lesson lasts for 2 hours, and there are 10 lessons in this course.

I will teach you everything on my book if you take my all 3 courses. Of course, you can buy it if you wish to study the theory in greater depth.

You need a small table, 4 coins in the same kind (preferably 4 American half dollars), a mat and a webcam.

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